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picture of Margherita Caminita, inside Milton Ward

Bedfordshire County Council is holding Ms Margherita Caminita, an elderly, disabled and partially blind italian lady in the UK, against her will and in total isolation with the help of corrupt italian authorities. Having failed to kill her, the NHS' Mafia now fears that her testimony, in the Britain's involuntary euthanasia scandal, could land a lot of its politicians, doctors, nurses, diplomats, police members and even judges in jail for a very long time !

Bedfordshire on Sunday Newspaper - May 1998 Bedfordshire on Sunday Newspaper - January 2001
of the

later passed off as the "Liverpool care pathway"
"supportive care pathway"

What started as an investigation into an apparently isolated local scandal, back in 1997, is now spanning over a considerable part of Europe, God knows how much more it extends.
Our foundings show that the privatization, to all costs, of the national health service has the physiognomy of the unscrupolous globalization of interests of astronomic proportions and again the Elderly and the Poor bear the ultimate human cost. HUNDREDS of Elderly have been sedated and starved to death, while inside the premises of NHS Trusts, care homes and private health care groups like BUPA, while corrupt county councils, social services, county courts, police forces, health authorities, GPs and Watchdogs do cover all up and cash in the money from the privatization of the NHS through the back door.

By exposing those responsable and their associates to public scrutiny, we aim to save as many elderly as possible from mistreatments and death.
We also seek to secure the perpetrators of elderly abuse to Justice.
If You, for one reason or another, have witnessed or detected abuses to the detriment of elderly in care or have suffered directly or indirectly as a result of such abuses, then please, do contact NHS-Exposed directly and in confidence to get help, to report on anything You know or to blow the whistel on what's going on in your work place.

We have now a clear picture of what appears to be a complex criminal machine deviced by a secret conspiracy, involving politicians, the private health care sector and the NHS Trusts to actively demolish the public NHS and related lucrative activities, in order to progressively replace them, with BUPA's & its Associates' structures and management and the like.

Britain was the first country in the world to have implemented the idea of a national health service to provide the best available health care, free of charge, for all the people anywhere in the United Kingdom, regardless of their income or class. Over the past 20 years, the demographic changes in the "civilized world" and the developments in the medical and farmaceutical sciences have challenged the NHS ability to keep up to people expectation. Politicians, perhaps lobbied by private interests, started speaking of more efficiency in the NHS but the truth is that they had only profits in mind and could only think about privatizing the NHS to their own ends. But soon it became clear to all the "modern governments" that mensioning privatization of the NHS was political suicide while being anable to run it properly and to keep up with the expected standards was even more politically dangerous, since Opposition's demagogy wouldn't stop exploiting a government failure on the NHS and the media pressure would inevitably add to it. The collapse of Mrs.Tacher's Government is a clear example of it. A way-out was, then, desperately and secretly sought by Mr.Blair's Government eager not to become the next victim of their own medicine. Therefore, since N.H.S. could have not been touched as it was, they decided to slowly fragment it, this way it was easier to handle and the public attention over the moviments of smaller bits would have been lesser and weaker at the same time and people would have not notice the transiction nor the assets and the money changing hands, in the hope that one day, sooner ruther than later, this government could no longer be held accountable for the N.H.S. misfunctioning.

BEDFORDSHIRE is indeed the county where the full extent of this major criminal organization has been better uncovered and understood.
This is also the most paradoxical case of all and perhaps, it's self-explenatory of the level of corruption involved, infact, no public inquiry into the precautious death of elderly patients has ever been launched by Bedfordshire Police, notwithstanding the relatives of the Victims have relentlessly called for it and their overwhelming evidences.

What has taken place in Bedfordshire, owing to the large number of elderly that have beed suppressed and the modality by which they have been systematically conveyed to their death can only be described as a small scale holocaust.
We, therefore, refer to it as the "BEDFORDSHIRE HOLOCAUST SCHEME"

Here is a copy of the document undersigned and deposited in the BEDFORD COUNTY COURT by Mr.Francesco Errante in middle 1998, in which he details how Bedfordshire County Court wanted to get rid of his mother Mrs. MARGHERITA CAMINITA just like they did with many more other "difficult" patients .



In the BEDFORD County Court --- Case No. BE801371 --- BETWEEN : Richard Antony Gilbert (Applicant) AND Mr. Francesco Errante (Respondant).
The Respondant's AFFIDAVIT and EXHIBIT. (Defending his guardianship)
I urge this Hon. Court to firmly dismiss this application without delay on the basis of what I am going to say.
I am extremely grateful to this Hon. Court for having allowed me a long enough period of time (for responding to this application) within which I have been able to gathering unconfutable proof of the existance of a complex criminal conspiracy aiming at subtracting vulnerable persons from their families by exploiting the Mental Health Act. powers, granted to private organizations by virtue of "contract" with the local Health Authoritiy, in order to boost the population in the network of nursing homes that the Bedfordshire County Council is desperately trying to sell to BUPA Health Care. A controversial and no longer secret deal worth at least 90 million pound .

According to the latest report on the mortality rate of old people living in the Bedfordshire County Council owned nursing homes, published by the Bedfordshire Health Authority, the average length of time of those who are sent (to live) there is of three months prior to their death, a period ten times shorter than what it used to be recorded few years ago.
This high rate of mortality is severely threatening the (success of the) deal withBUPA.
Understandably, BUPA would not be interested in buying empty building for that kind of money. The haunting fear of losing this golden opportunity has forced those involved and set to profiting (from the deal) to device an efficacious way to ensure a maximised supply of occupants to compensate for those (occupants) who die.

It does not happen by chance that Mr. Richard Antony Gilbert (registered social worker from Beds.S.S.) is the applicant in this case.

It does not happen by chance (either) that Mr. Richard Antony Gilbert is working hard in orchestrating a smear campaign against me, the respondant in this action.

Mr. Richard Antony Gilbert's hyperactivity is not happening by chance at all, in fact (the same) Mr. R.A. Gilbertis the one of those ready to be appointed by BUPA (somehow) in the management of the new venture, should the said deal be done.

At a certain point Mr. R. A. Gilbert was so confident about his new role that he visited me at home, in February this year (1998) to inform us that he was leaving the Bedfordshire Social Sevices to go on doing "something else", as he said and that from April (1998) someone else would have taken his place. He mensioned a name but I cannot recall it .
His visit, however, coincided with the one from the morning carers team leader, Mrs. Rita Reavley, who now appears to be very close to him and judging by the quantity of lies in her statement given to the police, (that can be found on of my Exhibit) I wouldn't be surprised if she aspires to a better job in the new venture too.

It is clear that Mr. R.A.Gilbert and his associated are only interested in securing an other occupant to their new business.

I have mensioned (the existancy of) a complex criminal conspiracy, I have also spoken of the Bedfordshire County Council and the Bedfordshire Social and Community Services as the brains behind it and the reason why it is happening.

I am now going to illustrate in details how this is happening and I am going to do this by means of (reporting on) what I have witnessed along with the members of my family, friends of my family and indipendent professionals.

I will also make use of some documents within my Exhibit .

At the beginning of March this year (1998), my mother aged 72, the person referred to in the Originating Application as the "Patient" namely MARGHERITA CAMINITA was admitted to a geriatric ward within the BEDFORD GENERAL HOSPITAL South Wing Site .
A lady (from the hospital) called me up by telephone, the same day,(of the admission) in the late afternoon and said that my mother was in the Gilford Nash Ward .(Soon after) On my arrival to the said ward my mother was in bed and while we (my mother and I) were having a chat, the nurse in charge (of the ward) came and informed me that she (my mother) has had a leg put in "fine plaster" as they have found she had a "twisted ankle".
The nurse adviced us that the plaster would have been taken off in about six weeks time.
My mother, at the same time started complaining about the catheter, she said she was unconfortable (with it), I have explained to her that it was ment to keep her irritated skin dry and clean and it would have been removed as soon as her skin was normal (again).
I kept visiting my mother regularly twice a day in the same ward and staff kept saying that she was doing fine, she was eating, drinking and performing regularly.
After nearly a month (from admission) my mother started accusing a strong pain to her right leg, from the right battock all the way down to her toe . Her leg abnormally swollen and it looked twice the size of the left one which had no plaster on .
The nurse in charge (after my intervention) gave my mother some pain killer tablets and promised to refer her to the doctors.

The following afternoon, I was told that there was nothing wrong with my mother's leg but my mother kept saying thather leg was still painful and so I have asked to speak to a doctor.
The staff again promised to arrange an appointment for me to see a doctor in the ward.

When I came back (to the ward) that night, a nurse told me (instead) that my mother was in Milton Ward - WELLER WING so that I went to see her . I found it strange that the ward (MILTON WARD) was in a basement and underground.
On my arrival, a large lady informed me that the purpose of my mother being tranferred to (Milton Ward) was the one of assessing her capacities and improve her quality of life.
She also handed out a single sheet of paper over to me, containing information about Milton Ward. I found it strange that the ward would require basic toiletry goods from us and even more strange appeared to me the fact that ward expected the relatives of the patients to supply the cloths and even being responsible for the laundry, regardless that some people are double incontinent and their cloths (sometime) need to be incenerated ruthed than washed .
However, soon after a female staff brought my mother over to me in a small reception room near by the entrance (to the ward). She, (my mother) was sitting in a wheelchair and asked why she was taken down there : I could not offer her any explanation either than the one given (earlier) to me by the nurse. So we've had a little chat, she has had some of her water to drink and I left for the night.

The following day I visited (her) after diner time and I found something really distressing : as soon as I entered the basement (Milton Ward) I heard clearly my mother who kept shouting "a casa, voglio andare a casa ! Voglio andare a casa ! Voglio andare a casa ! " And so on. (She kept shouting in italian : I want to go home !)
I have followed then my mother's voice to the bottom of the (long) corridor and there she was (on the opposite corner of the building) in a large room (all alone and in the dark) sitting in a reclinable armchair with her own head at a level lower than her feet, trying invane to get up.
I started calling for a nurse and soon after a male staff (later identified as Malcom)came and I said to him " I am this lady's son" and I have asked him whether he could understand what my mother was saying, to which he replied "how can I ?" I don't speak turkisk, he added.
I have then asked to speak to his superiors, he said that there was no-one available at that time.
I have insisted for my mother to be taken back into a medical ward and he said that it was impossible and that it would have taken days to arrange for.
Meanwhile, he contacted a psychytrist from upstairs, who came sometime later and adviced me that my mother could not be reviewed untill the next Wendsday morning, when the consultant would have done the ward round.
I have then calmed my mother down and explained to her that we could only sit and wait.

However, I negotiated for her to be allowed to have a nap during the afternoon (the mediterranean siesta) something she has always done in her life. (something they wanted to deprive her from, God knows why !)
Over the weekend I have contracted a chest infection, probably in the ward as everyone there was coughing (even the staff), regardless of that, I kept visiting my mother as I knew how important my reassurances are to her.
By the morning of Thursday, April the 8th.(1998), my bronchites did not allow me to attend the meeting with the psychyatrist, so that I have done the decent thing of informing the ward with a couple of hours of advance.
The psychyatrist (Shanti Karunakaran) could not find a better way to reciprocate my favour and went ahead to put my mother under Section Two of the Mental Health Act.1983 totally undisturbed.
It was then clear to my mind that the purpose of transferring my mother to Milton Ward was one and only one :Bedford Hospital N.H.S. Trust started seeing my mother more as a liability than a patient and was getting more and more anxious by the hour, owing to the unexpected complications affecting my mother right leg and my relentless questioning of their therapeutic intentions.
All this has led them to contemplate using a nearly failproof way out .
(Yes, You have guessed it ! Right , they wanted to suppress her for good !)

Undoubtfully, it could have been a good way out .....God knows how many times they have done it !
A patient who is (said to be) insane has got no legal weight and that's great .
A patient who is (said to be) insane and has got no-one to protect him/her is even better !
So they went ahead and sent my mother off to Milton Ward to be declared insane, only to get their friends Bedford and Shires Health & Care N.H.S. Trust into even bigger trouble.
Infact it didn't take long for Bedford and Shires Health & Care N.H.S. Trust to find out about my determination in wanting to make an appeal to the Mental Health Review Tribunal .
On the same night of April the 8th.(1998) I was asking the nurse in charge for a copy of the psychyatrist's decision and on how to make an appeal against it .
However, it took six more days for me to get hold of the lady (who was acting as the) Administrator of the Mental Health Act., namely Ms. Beth James, who was out on a leave.
(Once back) Ms. Beth James has lodged my appeal with the MHA Review Tribunal via faxsimile on April the 15th. and a date for the hearing was fixed for the day of April the 23rd. at 10.00 a.m.
As I said the Trust knew about my appeal and they knew that in a matter of days the Tribunal would have reversed their decision, so that they have thought about what to do and came up with a strategy.
This strategy has now been clearly uncovered and it consisted of a difensive plan and a counterattack detailed as follows :
The defence plan was the easier bit and was simply implemented by secretly administrating my mother with DIAZEPAM,as later admitted by the acting ward manager Farncort, see Exhibit along with providing extremely poor meals as my family, my friends and I have witnessed .
DIAZEPAM is a strong tranquillizer and muscle relaxant, it has therefore the power to simulate psycomotory diseases in the human body, in conjunction with a poor diet its effect on the muscles are increased greatly.


The counterattack plan was not so easy and it was all about discrediting me as much as possible.

It does not take long to verify that the smear campaign against me start on the very same day of my mother's appeal being lodged and that the bulk of the statement was produced between April the 15th. and April the 23rd.
It is even more interesting to notice that ALL of them belong to the Trusts and their friends from Bedfordshire Social Services. (There are NO indipendent statements)
(The very same people behind the deal with BUPA)
The rest of the statements do not even deserve mensioning. See Exhibit.
On April the 23rd. the strategy has worked well and the Mental Health Review Tribunal has found it-self in front of a person showing a psychomotory disfunction, while in reality my mother was ONLY HEAVILY SEDATED !
Furthermore, the Tribunal was told that she suffered from her son's mistreatment, while in reality everyone knew that her son had nothing to do with her skin condition.
In other words A MASSIVE DECEPTION has been planned and perpetrated against a Tribunal (Mental Health Review Tribunal) ment to protect those amoungst the most vulnerable human beings and as a direct result an old lady is being kept incarcerated in a basement, confined to a wheelchair, away from her family, isolated from the rest of the world by the language barrier in the obscurity of her blindness and in the uncertanty of her sad destiny.
(1998 to date)

I think I have proven the existance of a complex criminal conspiracy (devoted) to steal people from the community in order to dispose of them as they wish for its own profit, while pretending of wanting to dispence care and better quality of life.

I have been visiting Milton Ward during diner time for about 63 days in a row and I can testify that the only result of its activities is the achivement of psychomotory enfeeblement of the people cought in its net.

Amoungst a number of old ladies, already reduced to the bone and no-longer able to move around, I can vividly recall people like Mr. AUSTIN BASTOW and Mr. RON BROWN , they used to walk together up and down Milton Ward long corridors and both of them in less then a month time have been reduced to scheletons in a wheelchair not even able to feed them-selves anymore .

SIGNED and deposited in the BEDFORD COUNTY COURT by Mr.F. Errante (middle 1998)





31th Dec. 2012
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Almost two thirds of NHS trusts using the Liverpool Care Pathway have received payouts totalling millions of pounds for hitting targets related to its use, research for The Daily Telegraph shows. The figures, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, reveal the full scale of financial inducements for the first time. They suggest that about 85 per cent of trusts have now adopted the regime, which can involve the removal of hydration and nutrition from dying patients. More than six out of 10 of those trusts - just over half of the total - have received or are due to receive financial rewards for doing so amounting to at least £12million.


31th Dec. 2012
Up to 60,000 patients die on the Liverpool Care Pathway each year without giving their consent, shocking figures revealed yesterday.
But, minister still says controversial end-of-life plan is 'fantastic'.

Pathway involves the sick being sedated and usually denied nutrition

Families kept in the dark when doctors withdraw lifesaving treatment

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Inquiry will 'identify and explore concerns' over care for dying patients
Growing fears that the system is a way of speeding up death of terminally ill
System involves withdrawal of food and fluids as well as medical treatment


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