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Please, read on.

These are some of the breaches being committed by the Bedfordshire Social Services against Ms. MARGHERITA CAMINITA :

A notice of breach has been served to the Beds. Social Services by means of a letter dated Nov. the 30th. 2000, further to their latest refusal of allowing professional people to visit Ms.MARGHERITA CAMINITA for the purpose of assessment. A copy of it has been sent to the Italian Embassy .

The Bedfordshire Social Services in the person of
Pat Mitchell
have disallowed the latest visit request on the basis of Article 8 of the Mental Health Act 1983 . Article 8 states :


1. Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence.

No doubt that Bedfordshire Social Services have actually failed to respect her family life as intended in the Second Section , as quite obviously they are dening her access to her family or viceversa and preventing her from returning to her homeland (Italy) .

It is then clear that Bedfordshire Social Services have breached Article 8 itself preventing any family life whatsoever.

In the statement of Mr. Richard Gilbert, Social Worker, made on the 24th September 1998, he states that Mrs Carminita's own words were "She enjoyed the day but did not wish to stay. She wished to go home - to Palermo".

This has been repeated on thetaped evidence and now available to everyone over the INTERNET

It is clear from the evidence that Mrs Caminita wishes to go to Italy and rejoin his son and her family

Moreover, by preventing Ms. MARGHERITA CAMINITA from having her say on whom to meet or not, it is clear that Bedfordshire Social Services are breaching Ms.Caminita's RIGHT to FREEDOM of EXPRESSION, Article 10 .

Bedfordshire Social Services are effectively preventing anyone from discovering what Ms. Caminita's conditions or wishes are .

Whenever it suits them, Bedfordshire Social Services are ready to claim that Ms.Caminita suffers from Alzeimers or Multi or similar diseases , but there is NO EVIDENCE of that as her CT scan results show.
If Ms. Caminita, as Bedfordshire Social Services are eager to claim, had short-term memory loss, this still would not warrant placing her under the Mental Health Act and even if there were grounds for doing so then Ms. Caminita would still have the RIGHT of LIBERTY and SECURITY , Article 5 .

At present, Bedfordshire Social Service are keeping Ms.Caminita under the Mental Health Act, allegedly because of her son, not because she is insane and has behavioural problems !

So, one could wonder why if she is not insane, still is prevented from giving evidence on what I Bedfordshire Social Services allege against her son ? Perhaps, if she can testify on that she could testify on what she has seen in Milton Ward .....!

Perhaps, this holds the keys to why they want to silence her, one way or the other !

HOWEVER, AS ANYONE NOW CAN TELL, through listening to her speaking recently, she seems to be perfectly able to make her own decisions and wishes .

Bedfordshire Social Services are therefore in breach of :


i) Article 2 Right to life (a good quality of life and a chance for rehabilitation)
ii) Article 5 Right to Liberty c76 and Security
iii) Article 8 Right to Respect for private and family life
iv) Article 9 Freedom of Thought And Conscience
v) Article 10 Freedom of Expression.
vi) Article 11 Freedom of Association vii) Article 14 Prohibition of Discrimination, as she is over 60 years old and they have made no efforts to grant her liberty via the Italian Embassy.

Mental Health Act guidelines specified by MAZE (Stated by the highest authority on the subject i.e. the Maudsley Hospital) states (Section 7) :

"The powers given to the guardian are not capable of enforcement, but reply on co-operation of the patient".

Hence the Bedfordshire Social Services' automatic refusal of allowing Ms.Caminita to be visited is against this section, as they have not obtained consent from the her.

"Guardianship does not provide legal authority to detain a person physically in accommodation".

Any person has a right to appeal to the Mental Health Tribunal under Guardianship.

Bedfordshire Social Services have not provided her with this information either, then this lady will not know her rights.

In addition, it appears that Bedfordshire Social Services are not adhering to the requirements of the Code of Practice provided by the Department of Health .


a) The factors to be taken into account at assessment.
2.6 The patients own wishes and view of his own needs.

b) 26.1 All detained patients are entitled to maintain contact with and be visited by whomsoever they wish.

c) 26.4 Every effort must be made to assist the patient, where appropriate, to make contact with relatives, friends and supporters.

d) A Care Plan is desired.

e) 14.11 The statutory information should be made available to them either in Braille or on tape.


In summary, Ms. MARGHERITA CAMINITA is not dead, but, Bedfordshire Social Services, on behalf of Bedfordshire County Council, are making sure that it be as if she was !





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