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Beds.CC H.Q.Building

Bedfordshire County Council & its associates in crime have attempted to prepare their defence to what it would have certainly been claimed in Court by Mr. Errante.
By means of the tailor-made police statement, shown hereafter, purportedly given by one of the many murderers involved, namely Richard Anthony Gilbert, Bedfordshire County Council wanted to portraiting Margherita as being in good health and high moral, so to demolish Mr. Errante's claim about their role in the failed attempt to enfeebling her to death, but at the same time they needed to mantain that she was still unable to be heard as a witness.
They were in a catch-22 kind of situation and were victims of their own entrapment deviced against Mr.Errante. However they knew they could have still counted on their masonic friends sitting high above in Luton Crown Court to bar Mr.Errante from obtaining what it should have been otherwise allowed to his defence !

None of them could have ever imagine that this statement, they have so carefully lay down, would have reached out to the World and work against them-selves !

The most important things You can extract from it are :

  • They stated Margherita wants to go home, to Palermo but wouln't let her go.
  • They stated Margherita could not remember any detail of her life in Kempston but we have clear and unconfutable proof that she can recall very well about her life in Kempston - The contents of the audiorecording of her speaking on the telephone leaves no doubt about it !

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