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MS. Pina Silvio
the STOKOE Partnership (a law firm)

To: Ms Pina Silvio ( formerly at Stokoepartnership Solicitors)
c/o Attridge Solicitors


Dear Ms. Silvio,

RE: Ms Caminita and Mr Errante

My apologies for not replying to you sooner. Unfortunately yor last fax sent was not readable and I will suggest that it would be prudent to refax the previous letter.
I will reiterate to you from what little I understood - I have no financial interest in this case and would be grateful if you refrained from such remarks in the future.You are free to challenge what I say with proof.
As you know and realise, my organisation is interested in the welfare of Mrs Camimta who is at present held in what I can only describe as the harshest laws and worst breaches of guardianship I have ever witnessed.
My opinion of Mr Errante is irrelevant, as I have offered to be his Litigation Friend for no fee. Unlike your perception of financial gain, my motivation is to see that Mrs Caminita's Human Rights are ensured and Mr.Errante is given a fair trial.
I will reiterate to you that I have been given authorisation by Mr Errante to procure the papers pertaining to his case. In addition, you have persistenly been obstructive to the case causing me time delays.
I have been nominated as "litigation friend" which as you know is legal via the courts. Mr. Errante wishes to renounce his legal aid .In this event the papers must be sent to myself. This does not require photocopies and neither does it require any cost apart from postage, which we will refund you.
Should you persistently obstruct this case, I will be forced to apply to the courts for disclosure.
In addition, you are in breach of Article 6 of the Human Rights Act 1998 where you are party to delays of the natural procedure of litigation .
In addition, should you delay this any longer, I will make a formal complaint to the Office of Supervision of Solicitors for perverting the course of Justice. This as you know is also a criminal or civil I prosecution depending on which action you prefer by myself.
Whether Mr Errante is innocent or not is neither your nor my concern. I merely wish to know the truth, which you are in effect concealing at this present time.
You have one week with which to send me the full and complete files of the above case. Should you fail to do so, I will instigate court proceedings to obtain the notes from yourself . I enclose Mr.Errante's consent.
Should you wish to pervert and delay the course of justice any further, you will be liable for the penalties under the Solicitors Code of Practice and in any prosecutions involving Mr.Errante or Mrs Caminita in the future.
I look forward to the notes in one week or I will make an application for disclosure through the courts.

Kind regards.

Dr. Rita Pal