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On January the 17th.2002 we have found out about a massive deception being attempted by the Bedfordshire County Council through its Social Services Department.

What we have just discovered started back in November 1998 and has been going on ever since as Bedfordshire County Council thought it was building its own fault-proof alibi.
We must admit that they could have made it, BUT THEY DIDN'T !
Bedfordshire C.C. and its associates in crime are obviously running out of luck !
Not only they have lost their most precious and secret legal instrument, they have also given us the rope to hang them !

Are you getting curious now ?
We bet you rightly are..!

Back in 1998, Mr.Errante and his family discretely witnessed what was going on inside Milton Ward, Weller Wing after they realized that Margherita Caminita was being covertly sadetad and left to starve. Having realized that within that ward what they saw was common practice, they have alerted the local press and even made a very circumstantied account to the Bedford County Court.
Bedfordshire C.C. knew they were in deep truble and desperatly needed to discredit Mr.Errante and possibly all his family members. They have managed to put Mr.Errante out of action for a few months time by making absurd alligations against him and at the same time have barred all the relatives and friends of Margherita Caminita from seeing her by abusing of their unlawfully gained guardianship powers. However, they knew that they were diging them-self deeper and deeper in a legal mess. Infact, isolating Ms.Caminita from every one and even preventing her from giving statements or appearing in court was simply boosting Mr.Errante and his family's claim that Ms.Caminita was indeed being secluded for the purpose of stopping her from revealing what she could remember about Milton Ward and all the people who were demolished in there. So that, Bedfordshire C.C. was egar to find remote relatives of Ms.Caminita whom to establish corrispondence with and that possibly were as far away as possible so not to have any knowledge of what was going on in Bedfordshire at that time. They needed to establish a virtual family relationship to be able to say in court that Ms. Caminita wasn't being prevented from having regular family relations with other relatives so to destroy Mr.Errante and his family's claim. Social Services, then, set out to finding someone in Italy, who would play along with them not knowing what was going on and that was going to be used as puppet. This kind of scenario would have made them partially immune to Mr.Errante's European Court of Human Rights application
From the documents we have got hold of and showing to you here, we can certainly affirm that this operation started as early as mid November 1998, when Bedfordshire Social Services wrote a letter in italian to Francesco Caminita in Palermo, a brother of Ms.Caminita. Unfortunately, he was very ill at that time and died soon after.
That letter, though, wasn't disregarded by the family and was handed over to another brother, namely, Mr.Pietro Caminita. It was almost the natural developments as Pietro is the only one to survive among Ms.Caminita's brothers, in addition his knowledge of the english language was the best in the family. On January the 4th.1999, Mr.Caminita wrote, for his first time ever, to the Beds. Social Services.
Mr.Pietro Caminita is 79 now, but he only shows 50 and is an highly educated and quick thinking kind of person. We owe him quite a lot and it is thanks to this numerated gentleman that we can now prove all the lies and contraddictions Social Services have told and stated over a 4 years period of time.
Having received a positive reply from Mr. Pietro Caminita, Social Services have started befriending him while writing to him as if it was his sister doing it by proxy. All the letters he received, infact, were marked as "dictated by Margherita".
The letter sent to Pietro, on February the 4th.1999 by the Social Services is a first example of what they were tring to establish and when Mr.Pietro started askig questions about the circumstances that led Margherita to be alone and away from Italy, they simply did not reply, blaming it on the corrispondence being lost in transit as shown in the letter of November the 12th.1999 Social Services again encourage Pietro to writing to them as this is all they wanted from him.
On September 2000, Mr.Pietro Caminita writes again to Margherita and being in bona fide reassures Cyn Julson that he will keep in touch for as long as health would have allowed. At the same time, he involontarely discloses to the Social Services that his health does not allow him to undertake long journeys (it is safer for him not to fly), perhaps putting their mind at rest should S.S. have feared for his eventual intention to go and seeing his sister. In this letter, Mr.Caminita acknowledges safe receipt of a video-cassette, which we have too, featuring Ms.Caminita with heavy make up on and dressed up as if she was going to appear in the new startreck series ! As if that was not enough we have to stand the view of Cyn Julson and another chap involved in the scum and said to be called Mr. Lo Bianco.
Not very long goes by and on October the 12th.2000, another letter is sent out to Pietro, by the Cyn Julson thanking him for his letter and making a very interesting statement for the italian giudicial authorities.
On October the 28th.2000, Pietro writes back to Julson thanking her for the precious informations. We too wish to thanking her for her statement !!!
In January 2001, Pietro writes to Cyn Julson,expressing to her his greatest joy for having listened to what he assumed was his sister's voice for the first time after 50 long years. In the same letter, Pietro asks whether Margherita's suffers from painful illinesses and this is because
all he ever heard from that voice was only feeble "yes" and "no". He now thinks that someone else was pretending to be Margherita at the other end of the telephone line. It is quite possible since we have evidence on a tape recording that clearly shows her being quite capable of talking loudly in August 2000. Only a few months earlier.
On January the 30th. 2001 Social Services write straight back to Mr.Pietro Caminita but this time in english, although is still signed by Cyn Julson. In this letter, which is clearly designed to impress, Cyn Julson states a complite different version of what she had previously said in other legal documents. She tells Pietro : "according to the doctors'diagnosys, your sister suffers from a form of dementia" apart from being a totally false and unsubstantiated statement, in an english document sent to a pension office in Italy she certified that Margherita has signed a document in her presence, hence how can someone with dementia be allowed to sign important legal papers while still under a gardianship order ? Why Julson didn't dare to state that Ms. Caminita suffers from dementia on official pepers ? Why has Cyn Julson concealed the fact that Mr. Caminita was under gardianship order for being unable to make informed decisions about her own life ? Why Margherita is at all under a guardianship order if she can make informed decisions and sign important legal papers to manage her own affairs ? This and more are all unanswered questions, but going back to this last letter contents, we note that Julson also claims that Margherita cannot sign properly because of "arthritis to her hands" . Again in November 2000 she had blamed it onto a stroke. Where does Julson shop for diagnosys ? Does she makes them up as she goes, perhaps ?
In May 2001, writing on the back of a little letter purpoted as if it was coming from Margherita, Cyn Julson makes a new and important statement. It is a full admission of the fact that Margherita Caminita had been already in isolation for the past 3 years.
On June the 2nd.2001, Mr.Caminita replies to the Social Services in english.
On July the 3rd.2001, Cyn Julson remarks that Margherita is still not in a place where she can communicate verbally and that still there is no solution at hand.
On July the 9th.2001, Mr. Pietro Caminita tries his best to thank Cyn Julson for her assistance, still not knowing that Cyn Julson was torturing his sister !
At the end of September 2001 a letter passed-off as if it was coming from Margherita, has reached Pietro informing him of the fact that on October the 10th. she should have moved into "Park View Lodge" an italian manned residential home.
Finally, on December the 2nd.2001, another letter from "Margherita" saying that she had moved to "Park View Lodge". Again from this letter appears that Margherita never before had the chance to properly communicate verbally with anyone and never before had the chance to watch television, perhaps italian TV.
We still cannot believe a single word of all this and want MARGHERITA to have her freedom back.

And you can get more on the Bedfordshire Social Services' violation of Ms.Caminita's Human Rights BY CLICKING HERE and HERE !




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