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Marco Cereste's connection

Mr Cereste is the Chief Executive of a group of family businesses.

He served as a member of the Peterborough Health Authority from 1985-90 and as a Non-Executive Director of the North West Anglia Health Authority from 1990-92.

He led the Peterborough Community Unit and the West Norfolk Community Unit into the merger which created the North West Anglia Healthcare NHS Trust, and was appointed Chairman, by the Secretary of State for Health, in November 1992.

He has also held the position of Chairman of the NHS Trust Federation.

In 1996, along with Simon Cussons, Marco Cereste was nominated as Company Director of the HFC (Healthcare Facilities Consortium) by its owner organizations .

He held this position until April 2000, when he was appointed Chairman of South Peterborough Primary Care Trust.

According to the SOUTH PETERBOROUGH PRIMARY CARE TRUST DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST, the following are all the interests declared by Marco Cereste.
This list is said to be including all of them and not just those which would be regarded as `relevant and material' :

Director � Microteq Innovations (UK) Ltd
Director � Premier Finishing Services
Director � St. Josephs day nursery
Director � Standard Life Healthcare
Director � Peterborough Italian Social Club
President � Gladstone Community Association (GLADCA).
Chairman � Italian Community Association
Councillor � COMITES (Bedford)
Councillor � CGIE (Rome) Elected representative of the Italian Community in the UK and Ireland.

Mr Cereste is also a local community leader as well as a councillor on the Peterborough City Council for the Conservative Party.

He was also awarded the title of �Cavaliere� (italian word for knight) by the Italian Government in 1991.

Publications :

Cereste, M., Doherty, N.F. and Travers, C.J., ''An Investigation of Merger Activity Amongst NHS Hospitals'' , Proceedings of the British Academy of Management Conference , Manchester, 1999, p 1155 .

Mr.Cereste has got a dozen or so of good reasons for not wanting to help MARGHERITA CAMINITA getting her freedom back !

We too have a dozen of reasons to claim that he has got a major conflict of interests with regard to this matter !

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