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Please, read on.

here below is the self-explainatory exchance of corrispondence between Dr.Rita Pal and the italian embassy in London, in the person of SALVATORE ALOJ :

On December the 5th. 2000, Dr.Rita Pal from NHS Exposed replies to the italian embassy scientific attach� .

Here is the e-mails text reported in full.

Subject: FINAL CORRISPONDENCE - Closure of Case .

I state again


a) Police report
b) Taped conversation

" I want to go home , .... to Palermo "

A person should not be under the mental health act because of her son .

I had no idea Mr Errante was ringing you .

You did lie to me as you would have known what your own consulate was doing .

You promised her an independent psychiatrist opinion . You have thus refuted that .

I would have been happy if the decision had been made after a proper assessment .

As I have said it is not for you to judge the guilt of Mr Errante - it is for the courts .

I apologise for my sarcasm . My conscience cannot live with a lady who is trapped because of her son .

You have no right to force a lady to live with no freedom .

I will use your emails which are proof enough that you have gone back on your words time and time again with a four month delay .

I will note that you do not wish to correspond in writing to myself .

I cannot believe so called Catholics can live with their consciences and spend Christmas after sentencing a lady without looking at any other evidence or solution .

That is your decision and I am pleased you have to live with it and not me . I hope you ensure it is befitting for te religion the Embassy belongs to .

I have not threatened you - I merely state the facts as they are . That is hurting your conscience because you yourself are being led by people who do not even have the relevant papers to the case nor the medical experience with which to make a judgement .

You have made your mind up . We say in our religion that those in power who make life simpler for themselves suffer in their future life . One day I hope that when you are elderly that you suffer what Mrs Caminita is suffering and know and realise what it feels like to be trapped .

You do owe me an apology - because you have gone back on everything you have promised me . You have in addition , made a decision on convenience , finances and the fact that you simply have no idea what the right decision is therefore you follow the others without even reading or considering the papers .

The world is a complicated place . If Mr Errante is innocent which is possible - you i.e. the Embassy will be the one who is responsible for dictating that his mother remains where she is because any other solution will be far too difficult .

I have suggested a court order against Mr Errante in Italy and secure accommodation for her . It is an easy solution which you can easily do .

You have made your decision and I respect your position. As God is my witness Professor - if Mr Errante is innocent - you and you personally will be responsible for imprisoning a lady for the crimes of her son . This is unjust and unfair . I am not talking of legal action or any form of action within the society we live in . I am talking of something higher in terms of fate and the duty we owe to those who are elderly and frail . Each and everyone of us owe a duty to them and to protect their freedom .

I am sorry you consider the truth as threats . Most people would say that when the truth hurts the conscience then people like you try and avoid people like me because to argue with reason without getting " annoyed and angry " would be accepting that there may be a problem with your decision itself . The reason is because you know I speak the truth and you know I am right . Your decision is based on your view of Mr Errante - not Mrs Caminita requirements . I cannot envisage any foreigner wishing to stay in a strange place where the Embassy ignores her for years then suddenly to save face go and visit her . Verbal remarks and third part inferences do not stand in court I am afraid .

You have listened to nothing I have said and your brain is shut because you would rather think you made the correct decision because you live with an incorrect one would be a terrible thing .

I will not correspond with your further as requested . I have explained to you that your Bible states one thing and your practical mind states another .

We all have choices we have to make in life . In addition , we all know and realise the consequences of our decisions .

While you are with you family - she is with no-one . You have destroyed any hope we had of bringing Mr Errante back for trial .

As I said - we all make decisions . Yours is right in your eyes but not in the eyes of what we in our country term God .

I will not communicate with you further but if Mr Errante is innocent after I have seen all the pictures and obtained an opinion then I will not be responsible for what is said in the media about the lethargy and inaction .

By the way - to protect a person against another - you obtaining a retraining order - not the Mental Health Act . There is nothing stopping you from obtaining guardianship via the ItalianEmbassy and ensuring she is kept safe in a private nursing home either here or Italy but you will not . What motivates you in life Professor - money , power or would you consider that an attack from myself as well .

Merry Christmas best of luck with your decision which is most convenient to yourself .

NB your officials have no practical medical training whatsoever . How do you expect them to know what the best thing for an elderly person with medical problems is? Your logic defeats me .

Dr Rita Pal

PS My regards to Mr Amaduzzi .

The case now will transfer to a solicitor and a barrister who will act on Mr Errante behalf . Something I have ensured for him - which was your duty as an Embassy .
I pity any other Italian who falls foul to the logic of your decisions .



ERRANTE v Italian Embassy - via ECHR (European Court for Human Rights)
Regina v Errante - Taken over via legal advisers
Errante v Bedfordshire Social Services - Legal advisers

NB Correspondence to be transferred .

Mr Errante and Legal advisers . Embassy officials denied assistance . Did not assist in Extradition negotiations .
Failure to assist NHS Exposed to bring Mr Errante to this country .
Failure to ensure safety of Italian citizen in Italy while ensuring British Tax papers finances are spent to fund her care .

Negotiation period - 4 months .

Criticism - delays , no response . no lead visit , no independent assessment by Embassy .

Refusal to maintain human rights .

Professor Aloj refusal to visit .

Discussion misleading .

Personal attack on my motives .

Refusal to complete discussion in writing formally, despite my efforts .


Errante - legal assistance achieved - duty failed by Embassy .

Denial of legal assistance .

Mrs Caminita - denial of independent organisation to visit against guardianship laws and Mental Health Act .

Evidence of breach of Article 10 by Embassy and Social Services .

Case taken by legal advisers .

Case closed .

Documentation available for investigation by legal advisers and evidence for ECHR and Courts in this country .

Police not informed at present as Italian Embassy refuses to assist in negotiations therefore there is no point .

Case Closed .


Personal Comment :
Disappointing collapse of potentially good negotiations.
Professor Aloj - misleading and lack of assistance .
No reply from Mr Amaduzzi .
Flowers sent to Mrs Caminita with their names on . Charge �60 . No comment from Embassy .
Lack of concern as she is elderly and frail ie what is the point of assisting someone who is old - attitude Article 14 potential .
Most disappointing case to date due to obstructive nature of Embassy .
Had expected more from Italians as assumed they respected elders .
Abuse of MHA .
Abuse of HRA .

One wonders whether Mr Errante is infact right about his allegations of corruption . We shall never know .

Case done without charge to family or Mr Errante .
Will advise lawyers accordingly .

cc Barrister in charge . Legal Advisers .

------------ Original Message -------------

From: Professor Salvatore M. Aloj, [email protected].
Cc: Vice-Consolalato d'Italia in Bedford
Sent: 07 December 2000 10:24
Subject: Re: Please state your final decision in writing to me to complete our discussions

Dear Dr Pal,

Thank you for your recent correspondence.

I am afraid I am not going to write you any letter since you are not in the position of requiring anything from me.

I my correspondence with you I have tried in several ways to explain that my position with regard to Mrs Margherita Caminita is justified by the reports I have received by two different official representatives of my Government, who have visited more than once Mrs Caminita, whose views on what is currently best for Mrs Caminita are different from yours.

I hope you understand that under these circumstances my choice is clear.

I am no longer amenable to tolerate your threats, sarcasm and derogatory remarks on my approach to the problem, nor I can tolerate Mr Erratnte cursing at me on the telephone.
There is no doubt in my mind that what I have done so far is right given the circumstances; if you think otherwise it is not my problem since I am not prepared to bend to your pressure for as long as I believe it is not justified.

I most vehemently reject your accusation that I have made offensive remarks about your work; thus, I owe you no apology.

I did not lie to you since I did not know that Mrs Caminita was visited by our representatives in Bedford.

I reiterate that I have honestly attempted to cooperate with you on this case but I now realize it is impossible for you refuse to accept or discuss my views in a constructive, civilized way .

I am afraid I have left no option but to terminate our correspondence.

Yours sincerely

Salvatore Aloj


Professor Salvatore M. Aloj
Scientific Attache', Embassy of Italy

14, Three Kings Yard
Tel. +44(0)207-3122200
Facsimile: +44(0)207-4954171

U N B E L I E V A B L E !

SALVATORE ALOJ (a doctor in medicine) boasts of being the co-Founder and President (1997-1999)of the Italian Medical Society of Great Britain , which comprises of tens of italian speaking doctors, therefore, it would have not taken him a lot to set-up an interdisciplinary panel of experts to go and assess Ms. Margherita Caminita's psyco-physic conditions .

useless society of useless italian butchers in Britain

Perhaps the Italian Medical Society of Great Britain wishes NOT to get involved !